No23- The New Gallery Blog

One of our artists has done an installation at the Hidden Hut at our local beach Porthcurnick. Here is her story.

Treasure or Trash

I moved to Portscatho over 30years ago and having always previously lived in towns or cities I became instantly captivated with the sea and more especially the beach and I’ve remained so ever since.

I started beach combing straight away and consequently my collection of ‘TREASURE’ in the studio has grown bigger and bigger over the intervening years.

Around 10yrs ago I began to make collages [Objects Trouves] and pieces from flotsam and jetsam I was accumulating.

My sense of excitement and anticipation at what I might find has never diminished but is now tempered by a sence of horror at the ever increasing volume of ‘TREASURE’ washed up on our shores and the untold damage this is doing to the marine environment.

This piece has been made from a selection of the flotsam and jetsam I have collected on Porthcurnick beach during the winter months this year.

I have also prepared 2 frame grids which I hope will be filled by visitors to the beach and Hut during the coming season.

One persons trash is another persons treasure

 Andrea Insoll