The Gallery was established in 1985 by Chris Insoll.

The first art gallery was opened in February 1985 in Portscatho, situated on the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall. It was a very small building in the heart of the village consisting of a small show room down stairs and a small studio upstairs.

In August 2000 the gallery moved to a larger premises up the road (the old fruit and veg shop) and became The New Gallery and it has since grown.

“A far cry from ‘a white wall gallery’ The New Gallery is like entering an eclectic artist’s house, with paintings and prints displayed, stacked and propped almost everywhere”

Quote from West Briton

The gallery is an artists run showroom and studios and is the home of the Portscatho Art Society.

“The New Gallery fuses the chic of the Parisian left bank with the riotous eclecticism of Soho bohemia. It does so delightfully and in a way that is unique, not just in Cornwall but the south west. But that it looks and feels so alluring, and that it exudes such extraordinary creative energy, is not simply a product of the excellent artists who comprise the Portscatho society of artists. It is the result of Insoll himself”

Cornwall Today Magazine, Written by Alex Wade, Feb 2013

There is a large show room down stairs and above is a studio flat where artists can either paint, socialise or even stay the night. You may even get to meet and see the artists in action.

“I was lucky enough to follow the creative vibes which permeate the gallery to their source, taking a path through the gallery to an upstairs salon and sitting room where members of the Portscatho Society can often be found.”

Quote from West Briton