Chris Insoll founded the Portscatho Art Society in April 1984. In February 1985 The Gallery Portscatho was opened at 3 River Street. It wasnt until August 2000 that The New Gallery at 5 the Square Opened.

Work by Chris Insoll is in many collections, including the Royal Cornwall museum and Falmouth Art gallery.


         Eric Ward lives is in St.Ives. He has been showing his work at The New Gallery in Portscatho for well over twenty years. During this time he has painted ‘en plein air’ extensively, both in the village and harbour and also around the Roseland. He always looks forward to his visits and being involved with the gallery, which is a source of great pleasure.

      ( In the collection of the Royal Cornwall Museum.)


Graduated from Central school of Art, London 1973 and has been working in the art field ever since. In 2002 she moved to her studio in Falmouth where she continues to work quietly.

Pure abstraction for me is unbound by history, recognisable images or facts. It could be said that there is no such thing as pure abstraction as we are all influenced by our surroundings. It is the selection from this information that gives a personal and unique view. An apple is an apple, it could be a very beautiful apple but it is still an apple. I am more concerned with the power of colour and the energetic residue of transitory random reflections, when the objects are left out. There is a lot of experimentation involved with both media and technique but I aim to make the work satisfying close to and from a distance, and I definitely want it to stand the test of time. There is a curious delight that arises when I produce something that has never existed, especially if it stimulates curiosity.


Lives in Devon and has his studio based in Devon.

Felcey is prepared to spend his life struggling to capture the elusive nature of reality – and particularly how forms exist in space. (constellations : landscape and memory. by Andrew Lambirth, London, September 2001)


The late Grace Gardner 1920-2013

Although born in Chicago, Grace adopted Cornwall as her home thirty years ago. Once settled in Flushing she very quickly became known for her amazing innovative and vibrant abstract paintings.

She was always generous with her time when it came to passing on what she knew about painting and art and the children of Flushing School benefited greatly from her adomonition that "there are no rules in art and colour can do what it likes."


Andrea studied at Newcastle, Chelsea and finally Hereford collage of art. 

Andrea’s studio is in Gerrans Bay House, Portscatho, Cornwall. 

 Over the years she has worked in many media including textiles, ceramics and glass. Now concentrating on her paintings based on a combination of flora (observed both at home and on her travels), still life and geometric patterns. She is also working on collages made from her beach combings.


Alice was fortunate enough to be trained at Camberwell school of painting. Fortunate because she received the last few years of traditional teaching, studying observational skills based on drawing and tonal work and looking at the masters.

Alice has been teaching at the St Ives School of Painting, and exhibiting for over two decades.

I think Professor Richard Demarco OBE best sums up Alices work in a piece he wrote for an exhibition: "her objects have at one and the same time a prosaic and dramatic nature, and symbolise the presence of human beings, and the mystery of their daily lives. She instills an English flavour into the still life tradition, and in her profound understanding and joyful handling of oil paint, she can be likened to Winifred Nicholson and the school of St Ives.


Danny has gained reputation in his painting and is becoming widley recognised in his field.

He has many solo exhibitions in public and commercial galleries both here and internationally with paintings in a number of private and public collections.


Andrew captures light, atmosphere, and the very essence of his subject matter in paintings that manage to be simultaneously of the past, yet firmly in the present.

His work is celebratory with a dreamlike quality evoking memories of place and time. Andrew chooses simple and joyful subjects which move him; boats at rest in a harbour, a figure in the quiet of the studio or precious family moments.

Andrew quite simply, loves to paint what he loves, and considers it to be one of life’s great pleasures.


Howard Milton studied painting under Ruskin Spear but it was Graphic Design under the tutelage of Tom Eckersley, the UKs most iconic graphic artists, which shaped his career.

Milton came to international prominence during the 80s design boom, recognised for a lifetime’s contribution to British design in the Design Council’s Prince Philip award.

But he never stopped painting and the observational skills developed as a designer form the framework of his work. He has become a prolific landscape and seascape painter over the past few years, where he also taught at Falmouth University of Arts.


The West Country painter.....well known for the unusual subject.


Ann is an avid pen and ink and watercolour artist.

Ann started her drawing career in the Drawing office for British Rail in the late 1950s, drawing plans.

But in 1976 Ann moved to Cornwall and opened a restaurant at The Count House at Botallack. Her cooking and artwork grew with confidence. So much so she earned a Michelin Red M, an Egon Ronny Star and became one of the top 3 female Master chefs in Great Britain.

Ann went on to publish a book, Ann longs Dinner Party Book which was published in 1986. All the illustrations within the book were done by herself.

Now retired she has time to concentrate on her painting and LOVE'S doing so.


Lizzie Black is a landscape painter living in Mousehole, Cornwall. Rooted in a tradition of plein air painting, her work follows the changing patterns of the day, season and weather scape. I strive to capture transitory moments of light, colour, tide and time, and to communicate its beauty and magic on canvas.

Daughter of Bernard Evans: Lizzie started joining her father on painting excursions in and around Penwith at the age of 12. She spent hours watching her father paint and was encouraged to follow in his footsteps in the tradition of plein air painting.

Her formal background in painting was acquired at Bristol Polytechnic and Falmouth School of Art, she has exhibited extensively in Cornwall and the West Country.


Nina studied at London Guildhall, graduating in 2001. 

She works from her studio on the edge of the Roseland in Cornwall.

Her passion lies in mark making and colour, “I love to draw, whether that is with a charcoal stick, Alizarin Crimson oil paint, or scribing into a metal surface, inking it up and running it through an etching press”.

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